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UGIIC 2020




For a greener future  

Lisbon, Portugal

2-3 April 2020

This event is now cancelled

Sorry for the incovenience


The Urban Green Infrastructure International Conference is an interdisciplinary conference on green infrastructures (GI) and nature-based solutions (NBS) for cities. The purpose of this conference is to share and discuss the most recent work on green infrastructure and bring together researchers, architects, engineers, urban planners, landscape architects and policymakers from different nationalities to present and discuss their work.


This conference will be part of Urban Future (UFGC20) a global conference for sustainability which aims to gather 2000 to 3000 attendees from all over the world with a special interest in Urban Sustainability.

Lisbon will also be the 2020 European Green Capital and Lisbon City Council will support the UGIIC 2020 event.





Our cities need green infrastructure for a greener future. Experts in this field will present their work and talk about the importance of green infrastructure (GI) and nature-based solutions (NBS) to improve the sustainability of our cities. 

  • Green Infrastructure benefits (urban, local, measurable or intangible)

Green infrastructure, as green roofs and green walls, can have several benefits on an urban scale (air quality, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, urban heat island effect, wellbeing, psychologic effect, aesthetic valuation, recreational value).​ Also, on a local scale, these solutions may contribute to buildings performance (acoustic improvements, energy savings, property valuation, urban farming, water management, water treatment). In fact, green infrastructure may have multiple urban and local benefits, some measurable and others intangible.

  • Cost-benefit analysis

For green infrastructure to be applied, it is becoming more important to evaluate the cost of these solutions and compare them to the benefits that are associated with them. 

  • Projects

Learning with experience is also important. Lessons learned from existing projects are also welcome at this conference. 

  • Policies

Local policies can be an important strategy to promote the application of green infrastructure in buildings (private and public) and urban spaces (transport infrastructures, public spaces). 

  • Guidelines

Guidelines are fundamental to develop quality and durable solutions. Some countries have adopted specific guidelines about the application of green infrastructure, especially regarding green roofs. Understanding these recommendations is essential for the correct application of these solutions.

  • Industry

The industry experience is also relevant to better understand green infrastructure systems, their characteristics, their advantages and disadvantages and what are the difficulties of installation and maintenance.


All accepted abstracts will be included in a Book of Proceedings free to all attendees.

Scientific paper

Please follow the guidelines and submit your paper to

The submitted papers will be selected for the Sustainability Journal (IF=2.592) Special Issue "Understanding the Economic Value of Nature Base Solutions (NBS) towards Sustainable Built Environments" with special conditions including No APC for the best paper and special discount on APC on selected papers.

The paper submission will not be mandatory to present at UGIIC2020. 


The authors can submit an electronic poster (E-poster) according to the following template. The poster must highlight the purpose of the study, methodology, main findings and results, and a concluding statement. Please include on the top the title of your work, authors names and affiliation. Also, please include the UGIIC2020 logo on the top right side and any logos of your affiliation or funding on the bottom.

E-posters will have no specific presentation date and time.​ During the event the author may stand by the e-poster viewing ​screens in order p​resent their e-poster during breaks.

Please submit the e-poster in PDF format with a maximum of 2 MB to


The registration for this event will be available soon.

Tickets will allow access to the UGIIC 2020 conference and also to the Urban Future Global Conference.

Scientific committee

Ana Fonseca Galvão
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Dusty Gedge
Cristina M Silva
Julià Coma
Duarte d´Araújo Mata
Carlos Cruz
Mariana Sanchez Salvador
Geert De Blust
Denise Kemper
Antoine Gatt
Until 31st January
Abstract submission
Until 29 February 8th March
Paper submission
Until 14th March
Presentations/Poster submission


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Conference Venue

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian - Room G2

Av. de Berna 45 A

1067-001 Lisboa, Portugal


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